Sunday, January 1, 2017

Riders say $4.5B Second Avenue Subway already has issues


What amazes me is how 4 billion dollars are spent for a subway line that consists of only three subway stops (96 street, 86 street, and 72 street).
NY Post reports the Second Avenue subway took nearly 70 years and $4.5 billion of dollars to complete, but it took just 30 minutes for its first problems to arise — and for annoyed straphangers to start griping.

“At least Mussolini made the trains run on time, every train has been late so far,” said Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa Sunday from the newly christened 96th Street Station platform. “I thought this was going to be be the eight wonder of the world. Even in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City, the stations are in better condition.”
Other riders agreed, complaining of waits up to 10 minutes as operators smoothed out signalling problems.

“I’m like, traffic? Really?” joked Upper East Side resident Estelle Friedman, who came out to ride the rails. “On day one of a brand new subway line that we waited 100 years for?”

“On the inaugural #2ndavesubway with my cousin, signal malfunctions at 63rd St! After all the hype, we’re still riding with @MTA after all,” chimed in user Ben Starr.

And keen-eyed commuters spotted another subterranean staple: trash.
“The 2nd Ave. subway has been running for literally 23 minutes and people have already strewn garbage about,” tweeted Ted Berg, who posted a snap of a plastic bag and other refuse.

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