Monday, January 2, 2017

Teachable Moment: A panel of depressed freakouted Liberals that includes GOPer David Frum discuss the upcoming Trump admin and gets everything wrong, still

 David Frum, Idiot, Cardsplayer4life at English Wikipedia

The reason I refer to this video as a teachable moment is because it's an excellent presentation of how Liberals live in an alternative universe far from the reality of real life.
  In practice Liberalism doesn't work, it destroys, see Detroit and Germany.  Every person on this panel doesn't know what they're talking about.  They sound intelligent, and for many that's enough.  But, nothing they do in practice succeeds.  Pay close attention to David Frum who calls himself a conservative Republican when in fact he's the biggest Liberal on the panel and a blithering idiot.    


  1. Dear Lord in Heaven - I made it 3 minutes. Who listens to these "educated beyond their intelligence" gas bags? My freaken cat makes more sense.

  2. The contrivance of having the Republican perspective represented by a man with out a chest and a man with his finger to the wind is just too transparent.

  3. Wow that's a conglomerate of misery & hopelessness it would seem they have packed their bags already & they can't bear to see Trump get a chance at proving them wrong.

  4. If anybody thinks 2016 was a leftest meltdown extravaganza and comedy of errors wait until 2017 and the Trump admin gets going for real. These morons biggest fear isn't that Trump will fail but that he will succeed. Today's tweet telling the DHS to start preparing for constructing the wall must have caused some serious heart conditions.


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