Thursday, January 26, 2017

This is what Carnage looks like: 14 wounded in Wednesday shootings across Chicago

 Sun Times

Out-of-touch Liberals are so upset President Trump used the word "carnage" to describe what's happening in cities across the United States like Chicago. 
14 people shot in a 24 hour period is not SUPPOSED TO BE NORMAL.  But, Liberals are quick to call it the "new normal" with a straight face abs they expect people to accept it.  Well, President Trump does not accept the status quo!

Chicago Sun Times reports at least 14 people were shot across Chicago on Wednesday, including six wounded in a mass shooting on the South Side.

Officers responding to a calls of shots fired about 8:15 p.m. found the six gunshot victims inside a restaurant in the 500 block of East 75th Street in Chatham, according to Chicago Police. A bullet grazed a 12-year-old girl’s head, and she was taken in good condition to Comer Children’s Hospital, police and fire officials said.

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