Saturday, January 28, 2017

Who Cares?: Iranian director can’t attend Oscars under Trump’s new restriction

 Georges Biard, Creative Commons

After what Iran did to our sailors, I couldn't care less if this guy never sets foot on American soil. 
Iran is an enemy of the United States and that's just the way thing are now.  

NY Post reports an Iranian film director up for an Oscar won’t be able to attend the ceremony in Los Angeles because of President Trump’s restrictions on visitors from seven Muslim-majority nations, it was reported Saturday.

Asghar Farhadi is up for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film category for his psychological thriller “The Salesman.”

He won Best Foreign Film for “A Separation” in 2012. The film made history by becoming the first Iranian film to win an Academy Award.

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  1. That's what satellite remote are for. If a guy on the other side of the planet, of any nationality, is busy say, making a movie, they do a remote. No problem.

    1. Proof, I bet the guy wins to allow a platform to stick it to Trump


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