Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bad decision by CPAC disinviting Milo Yiannopoulos

CPAC needed to show more moral courage in this present atmosphere whereby Leftists look for any opportunity to take pot shots at conservatives. 

Disinviting Milo was a punk move on the part of CPAC!  And we have to many chic-a-fied men in the GOP already. 

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  1. Yes. I understand the objections to Mr Yiannopoulis. No one would have faulted CPAC for not inviting him in the first place. You can't invite everybody to speak at any given event: there's only so much time available. But inviting him and then dis-inviting him looks bad. At best it makes you look disorganized. It makes you an obvious target for chargers of censorship. CPAC could easily have introduced Mr Y with a statement that "we certainly don't agree with everything this man says, but we certainly agree with him on ..."


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