Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bay Area Conservatives Keep Meetups Secret Fearing For Their Safety

 Robert Campbell, Creative Commons

I can sympathize with the people I in San Francisco to an extent being a New Yorker. 
But, in New York the majority of Libs are in New York City.  Outside of the city limits, it's conservative. 

CBS  San Francisco reports some East Bay conservatives say they live a secret life. They can never tell anyone what they really feel like in fear of their safety.

Robert Ward is coming out conservative, but in a place he says is risky for those who share his beliefs.

“If you witness what happened in Berkeley, actually they are so violent on top of it. I mean being a conservative in the Bay Area is like being a heretic,” says Ward. “You lead a double life. You can never tell your friends and co-workers.”

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  1. It's like this in Santa Cruz too; also further north in Eugene and Portland in Oregon and Seattle in Washington.


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