Monday, February 20, 2017


 Antoine Bayet, Creative Commons

Le Pen has a shot to become the leader of France and she's exactly what the French people need after electing a socialist last time around. 
But, you never know with the French.
Bloomberg reports France’s election is wide open with just nine weeks to go after a weekend of stumbles that saw independent Emmanuel Macron ensnared by the country’s colonial past and attempts to unite the left fizzle.

After earlier signaling they would consider a possible joint candidacy, Socialist Benoit Hamon and far-left campaigner Jean-Luc Melenchon ended up trading barbs rather than bridging their differences.

Melenchon went first, saying his rival’s campaign was going nowhere and that he wasn’t about to hitch a ride on a Socialist “hearse.”

Hamon fired back, saying “I won’t run after Melenchon, I don’t run after anyone.”
The weekend wasn’t any kinder to anti-euro candidate Marine Le Pen and Republican Francois Fillon, who were both blown off course by persistent allegations that they misused public funds. As a result, the at-least-four-way race for the presidency remains up for grabs.

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