Friday, February 17, 2017

GOP Pariah John McCain Blasts Trump's Policies OVERSEAS in GERMANY , Warns of Inability to Separate 'Truth From Lies'

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With each passing day I lose more respect for Sen. John McCain who has become a bitter old man and an irrelevant relic of the past. 
He represent s the GOP caucus who knows how to lose fights against Democrat.  The country doesn't need his ilk anymore. 

NewsMax reports Arizona Sen. John McCain delivered a series of blows to President Donald Trump Friday during a speech in Germany, and at one point he compared today's political atmosphere to the Nazi years of the 1930s and 1940s.

"In the four decades I have attended this conference, I cannot recall a year where its purpose was more necessary or more important," said McCain, who never mentioned Trump by name during his speech at the Munich Security Conference but referenced his policies several times.
"This panel is going to ask us to consider whether the West will survive. In recent years, this question would invite accusations of hyperbole and alarmism. Not this year. If ever there was a time to treat this question with a deadly seriousness, it is now."

While making his case, McCain — who like Trump is a Republican — mentioned Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist. Von Kleist was part of the group that plotted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944.

"What would von Kleist's generation say if they saw our world today?" McCain asked. "I fear that much about it would be all too familiar for them. And they would be alarmed by it."
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