Thursday, February 9, 2017

He Got What He Deserved: Shocking moment 18-year-old serial offender is shot dead a fraction of a second after pointing his gun at a cop

Pointing a gun at a police officer is a sure way of getting killed. 
In this case this career criminal made a foolish decision and it ended up being the last decision he ever made.
Daily Mail reports this is the shocking moment a Baltimore teenager fleeing a police officer spins and points his gun at the cop - only to be shot dead.

The bodycam footage, released by Baltimore Police Department, came at the end of a chase between Detective David Kincaid Jr and Curtis Deal, 18, in West Baltimore on Tuesday.

Police say Deal, who was out on $250,000 bond, jumped out of a car Kincaid was following on Tuesday and ran. Kincaid cut the youth off as he exited an alley, resulting in the violent scene. 

Deal comes sprinting out of the alley, carrying a large silver pistol in his right hand.
Kincaid shouts for the young man to stop, and raises his sidearm. At precisely the same time, Deal - looking surprised - raises his own gun at the officer.

The bodycam is pointed away from Deal as the four fatal shots are fired. It returns as Deal tumbles to the ground, the pistol clattering away from him. Deal did not fire the weapon.

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