Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lady Gaga show up to Grammys looking like a $2.00 Hooker

Recently after performing the half time show at the Super Bowl, I thought Lady Gage gave a tremendous performance . 
In fact, I thought it was the best half time show ever.  So needless to say I was taken aback with her outfit at the Grammys.  Now I realize the Grammys isn't the Oscars and the fashions recording atists wear tend to be on the wild side. 

But, come on Lady G!

There was no need to dress like a street hooker waiting for a trick coming of the Queensborough Bridge.  

Lady Gaga 2017 Tour dates here


  1. Why do we concern ourselves with these people? They made a movie about them. I believe it's called the hunger games. They're all just capitol people. We need to stop stop giving them our time, attention, and money. And possibly, work on enriching our minds, bodies, and spirits, instead.

  2. Two dollars? Sam, Wal-Mart doesn't have hookers!


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