Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The corruption cloud over sleazy Democrat NYC Mayor de Blasio under Criminal investigation by multiple agencies just got darker

 Bill de Blasio, Creative Commons

The worst mayor in New York City history was David Dinkins. 
Bill de Blasio was his protégée.  What made Dinkins so terrible was his incompetence.  However, De Blasio is surpassing Dinkins not only in incompetence, but also for his corrupt ways.      

NY Post reports Mayor de Blasio set Monday for his State of the City address, but possibly more worrisome is the state of his personal finances — at least when it comes to financing his mounting legal bills.

Last week, we noted problems with de Blasio’s plan to set up a legal-defense fund to pay the lawyers representing him in several corruption probes. Those problems may be worse than we thought.

On Friday, Hizzoner admitted that not only does he need cash to cover the lawyers’ fees, he has yet to pay any of the bills he’s already gotten. Plus, he might not even disclose what those bills are, since they’re for his personal defense and will be paid for with private money.

Huh? The idea that the law firm is, in effect, extending him credit is troubling enough, since that can be seen as a “favor” — just as any lower-than-usual rates it charges would be. But how can a mayor up to his eyeballs in corruption probes try to keep such key info secret, especially when he insists he has done nothing wrong?

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