Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump, Battered in Washington, Is Buoyed at Boeing Rally

  Credit Al Drago/The New York Times (Nice photo)

I think the NY Times writer of this piece is confused. 
Trump's presidency IS Not stumbling.  The stumbling you see is on the part of the corrupt media machine which the NY Times is a part.  They just don't know how to deal with President Trump who knows how to handle them with ease. 

NY Times reports President Trump, seeking to reset his stumbling presidency, hit the road for a photo op and returned to the simple economic message that got him elected, telling aircraft factory workers that “we’re here to celebrate jobs.”

The president toured a sprawling Boeing complex here, located next to the airport, en route to a weekend in Florida that includes a stay at his resort in Mar-a-Lago and a Saturday rally in Melbourne. Both are the kind of campaign-style events Mr. Trump has often turned to for a political and personal jolt in times of turmoil.

“We’re going to fight for every last American job,” said Mr. Trump, adding that his “focus” was on jobs. He spoke after slowly walking in front of a gleaming new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner at a slickly produced event that erased the lines between corporate and political branding.

“God bless Boeing,” Mr. Trump said after offering a similar benediction for the nation.

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