Monday, February 6, 2017

Vincent Tolliver Expelled Candidate for DNC Chair Suing Democrats for Breach of First Amendment Rights to Speak Against Muslims

The Democrat Party is a collection of disparate groups.
  And there are many times when these groups clash such as in this case.  Muslims and Transgenders are the new hot minorities the Dems like to use as a blint force instrument to accuse opponents of being Islamophobic and transpobic.  Trouble is, it's not a winning strategy winning strategy because both groups represent extremely small amount of people in this country and millions of Americans are tired of identity politics.        

Breitbart reports a candidate expelled from the race for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for criticising Islam tells Breitbart News he intends to sue for a breach of his First Amendment rights.

Vincent Tolliver, who previously ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress in Arkansas, was expelled from the campaign by interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazil, after telling The Hill he didn’t believe his rival Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn) should become chairman because of his Islamic faith, citing the religion’s positions on homosexuality.

“His being a Muslim is precisely why DNC voters should not vote for him. Muslims discriminate against gays. Islamic law is clear on the subject, and being gay is a direct violation of it. In some Muslim countries, being gay is a crime punishable by death,” Tolliver said.

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