Sunday, February 12, 2017

WaPo All Wet: Clueless columnist thinks there's a rise of Liberal Tea Party

Just because you have a some vocal protestors show up at a Republican congressman's town hall meeting three weeks into a new GOP presidential administration doesn't make it a Liberal Tea Party. 
The original Tea Party didn't form until after President Obama nationalized the car industry and the banking system four months after taking the oath of office.  It was an organic grassroots uprising that WAS NOT funded by a billionaire.  And that's the biggest difference between OTP and fake paid protestors bankrolled by George Soros and others!  Remember, Liberalism is based on deceit 100% of the time.      

Grass-roots movements can be the life and death of political leaders.
It’s a well-worn story now about how John A. Boehner, then House minority leader, joined a rising star in his caucus, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, in April 2009 for one of the first major tea party protests in the California Republican’s home town of Bakersfield.

A little more than six years later, after they surfed that wave into power, the movement consumed both of them. Boehner was driven out of the House speaker’s office and McCarthy’s expected succession fell apart, leaving him stuck at the rank of majority leader.

Democrats are well aware of that history as they try to tap the energy of the roiling liberal activists who have staged rallies and marches in the first three weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency.
What if they can fuse these protesters, many of whom have never been politically active, into the liberal firmament? What if a new tea party is arising, with the energy and enthusiasm to bring out new voters and make a real difference at the polls, starting with the 2018 midterm elections?

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The original Tea Party had a legitimate beef with Obsmam's policies.  This fake Tea Party has issue with President Donald Trump himself without him enacting 98% of what he promised to do as president.