Thursday, February 9, 2017

What the Corrupt Media Machine won't say: POLL says Americans Trust Trump More Than News Media

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A huge reason why I blog on a daily basis is to counter the outright dishonestly of the mainstream media. 
   They are thoroughly dishonest and very much agenda driven to advocate for Liberalism and the Democrat Party.

The Wrap reports an Emerson College poll found that 49 percent of U.S. voters believe that the Trump administration is “truthful,” while only 39 percent feel that way about the news media. Worse, for the so-called “opposition party,” 53 percent of those surveyed described the media as “untruthful.”

The poll, released on Tuesday, also showed that Americans are divided on Trump’s performance so far — 48 percent of registered voters approve of the job that Trump is doing, compared to 47 percent who disapprove.

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