Monday, February 20, 2017

Yellow Journalists at Washington Compost and New York Slimes breathlessly looking for phantom Trump-Russian connections , Ukrainian back channel to sink his presidency

If there was no such thing as speculation and innuendo there wouldn't be much left to this piece of yellow journalism put out by the Washington Post. 
After reading this collection of rehashed stories the only conclusion one can draw is the corrupt media machine will throw  anything against the wall to sink President Trump.  Where was all this journalistic zeal during the Obama presidency?  Oh, that's right the media was too busy brown nosing President Obama.      

Washington Post reports President Trump’s personal lawyer and a former business associate met privately in New York City last month with a member of the Ukrainian parliament to discuss a peace plan for that country that could give Russia long-term control over territory it seized in 2014 and lead to the lifting of sanctions against Moscow.
The meeting with Andrii V. Artemenko, the Ukrainian politician, involved Michael Cohen, a Trump Organization lawyer since 2007, and Felix Sater, a former business partner who worked on real estate projects with Trump’s company.

The occurrence of the meeting, first reported Sunday by the New York Times, suggests that some in the region aligned with Russia have been seeking to use Trump business associates as an informal conduit to a new president who has signaled a desire to forge warmer relations with Russia. The discussion took place amid increasingly intense scrutiny of the ties between Trump’s team and Russia, as well as escalating investigations on Capitol Hill of the determination by U.S. intelligence agencies that the Kremlin intervened in last year’s election to help Trump.

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After reading this I see no there, there!  There was no mention o any laws broken in this article.  So what is the point other to suit the Liberal agenda to delegitimize the Trump presidency.