Sunday, September 10, 2017

Brit Hume got it wrong, President Trump didn't get rolled on debt ceiling, he Bitch slapped Republicans for failing to move on his agenda

I like Brit Hume, but he's 100% GOP establishment.
  As such, he doesn't see what the regular folks who live in the real world outside of the Washington bubble. 

We see a party that is in control of Congress intentionally not moving forward on the agenda they all ran on.  It's the Republicans who are the obstructionists here.  It's Paul Ryan who constantly stabs President Trump in the back every chance he gets to curry favor with the media.  It's Mitch McConnell who openly belittles the president.  So when Trump makes a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on a 3 month debt ceiling deal, I see exactly why President Trump did it and I would have done it myself were I in the same position. 

Republicans in Washington have nobody to blame but themselves.  They are in control and could pass whatever they want and the Dems don't have the numbers to stop them.  But, they don't want President Trump to get credit for anything and WE THE PEOPLE see it and Brit Hume needs to open his eyes and see it too outside the DC bubble.