Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Bernie Somebody suspends his campaign for president and nobody care except for AOC

Bernie Sanders never had a shot to get the nomination for president and establishment Democrats made sure of it.  But, aside from that, this not a socialist country!  So Sanders can take his Cuba lovin' ass back to three houses and keep his pie-hole shut for good!   

Fox News reports Bernie Sanders has suspended his Democratic presidential campaign -- all but handing the nomination to former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to a brief campaign statement, the senator from Vermont announced the decision during an all-staff conference call Wednesday morning.

He will address supporters shortly before noon during a livestream.
The populist lawmaker has suffered a string of major primary defeats in his second straight presidential bid, but until now had refused to back out of the race, instead pressing Biden to embrace progressive policy positions.

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Bernie Sanders never had an answer for anything he proposed.   All he did was bitch the same song.  Go to Cuba and live the rest of your life there!

Shit for Brains-Chris 'Fredo' Cuomo Blasts Trump’s Positive Messages in Crisis as ‘BULLSH*T’

Chris Cuomo doesn’t know a damn thing about what true leadership is!.

The beautiful Palki Sharma, Gravitas: Did the Coronavirus accidentally leak from a lab near wet market?

It is clear that this coronavirus started in Wuhan China.  Thee re's no doubt about it.  The question becomes how did it happen?

Shocking video shows man in medical mask sucker-punch NYPD cop

This is disgusting!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

New York Times claims Covid-19 is racist claiming Black Americans Face Alarming Rates of Coronavirus Infection

Well, here we go again!  Maybe we can send Covid-19 to sensitivity training in the future? 

Bloomy Fail: Bloomberg stockpiled ventilators for a pandemic, only to later auction them off

Mike Bloomberg was okay to good as mayor of New York. 

Tucker: How long will the lockdowns last?

Tucker Carlson's monologue last night really blew me away. 

Cackling Hens on ‘The View’: ‘Totalitarian’ Trump Stirring Up Virus Fears, Causing People to Die With ‘Clown’ Briefings

 I really don't understand how a serious person can watch The View. 

Video-Michigan State Representative Karen Whitsett (D) tells Laura Ingraham how Hydroxycholorene saved her life. .

For this Democrat, she didn't know about this drug until Trump talked about it.