Monday, February 24, 2020

Candace Owens on how the black vote could impact the Trump campaign

Candice Owens may be the black female Moses that leads the black community into political maturity.  What is political maturity for black folks?  The ability to say that our votes are no longer destined to the Democrat party.  They are free agents demanding politicians, of any stripe,  can do for them. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Mark Levin: Speaks to constitutional law professor on how Democrats abused their power impeaching Trump with false charges and denying him due process

Mark Levin speaks with Georgetown law professor Randy Barnett detailing everything the Democrats did wrong by impeaching Trump. 

Suspicious Obama Whistleblower commits “Suicide” But, was he murdered Obama loyalists?

BillStill reveals the circumstances of Phil Haney's death needs to be thoroughly investigated the DOJ.  Was Haney taken out by Obama loyalists?

Dems Lose Hispanic And Black Voters In Nevada

This is not a good sign for Joe Biden and the Democrat establishment. 

‘We Now Have a Frontrunner’: James Carville Declares Bernie Sanders 2020 Leader, Hits Media For Not Vetting Him

James Carville thinks the Democrats are committing political suicide by giving the DNC nod to Bernie Sanders.  I really can't disagree.  

MSNBC host draws calls for his ouster after Sanders-Nazi comparison

Mathews remembers what a socialist can destroy this country!