Sunday, September 17, 2017

GETTING BAD ADVICE: President Trump backing the wrong horse in Alabama race, Judge Roy Moore better for Trump agenda

This is a rare occasion where I'm publically disagreeing with President Trump. 
But, whoever is advising him to go to Alabama and campaign for Luther Strange is giving the president extremely bad advice.  Judge Roy Moore is tailor-made for the Trump agenda and President Trump needs to learn that, QUICKLY!  

Breitbart reports President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Saturday night that he plans to campaign for Luther Strange in Alabama, a seriously risky move that has little to no upside for the struggling president.

“I will be in Huntsville, Alabama, on Saturday night to support Luther Strange for Senate,” Trump Tweeted. “‘Big Luther’ is a great guy who gets things done!”

Strange is significantly trailing conservative Judge Roy Moore, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, in all recent legitimate polling. Only push polls from a PAC backing Strange, the Senate Leadership Fund which is associated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have the race even remotely close. Every other poll shows double-digit leads for Moore.

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Breitbart is giving President Trump the good advice he's not getting from his advisors. 

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  1. President Trump understands that, in order to get ANYTHING through Congress, he has to suck Lyin' Ryan and Post Turtle's dicks, because the so-called "Conservative Caucus" won't remove those Koch-sucking Rove Republican maggots from their positions of power, even though they have the votes to do so.

    Post Turtle is 1000% behind Strange, because he is another God damned piece of fucking lying shit like the REST of the swill in Congress. Therefor President Trump is supporting Strange in hopes of getting ANYTHING worthwhile through that God damned shithole.

    I hope you understand that, even if Judge Moore wins that primary runoff, the God damned swill running the Republican party will do everything they can to make sure the DEMOCRAT wins the general election. Just look at Joe Miller in Alaska, and what the eGOP did to him for proof.