Saturday, June 24, 2017

Worst Mom of the Year: Texas Mon Cynthia Marie Randolph charged in deaths of her 2 kids for leaving then in hot car as punishment while she smoked pot, took nap

I don't know what to say!  This woman is a poor excuse for a mother and a good excuse for a monster! 

Daily Mail reports a mother has been charged in the deaths of her two young children, after she allegedly left them in a hot car as punishment while she smoked pot and took a nap. 

CynthiaMarie Randolph, 25, was charged Friday with two counts of first-degree injury to a child causing serious bodily injury in Weathorford, Texas after her kids were found dead May 26.

Police said Randolph was trying to teach her two-year-old daughter Juliet a lesson for not coming out of the car when she was the called, when Juliet and her 16-month-old brother Cavanaugh died.

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Maureen Dowd: Donald Skunks the Democrats

Alert, Alert, a lot of Dems may have to put a suicide hotline on speed dial after reading this latest piece from NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd. 

Professor Kathy Dettwyler said Otto Warmbier ‘got what he deserved’: report

In fairness, when Otto Warmbier was snatched up by the Norcs in 2016, I was one of a few who reported the story at the time and I called Otto stupid for thinking that a sightseeing trip to North Korea was a good idea. 

Federal Court Upholds Law Allowing Refusal Of Service To LGBT Couples

This no doubt will end up in the SCOTUS who may or may not rule on the case.  These types of lawsuits only come about because Gay activists purposely targets Christian businesses for the sole purpose of crushing religious liberty. 

Money Lovin' Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud, hire lawyers

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!  For a socialist,

CBS, NBC Ignore Nebraska Democrat Cheering He’s ‘Glad’ Scalise ‘Got Shot’

It's not surprising.  The corrupt media covers only what it wants to cover.  It's so easy for them to pick and chose stories to match their agenda or distract attention away from their agenda.

Trump questions why Obama allegedly did 'nothing' about Russia hacking, in Fox interview

The answer to why is pretty easy.  Obama was all talk and no action from day one of his presidency.  He was the laziest president in U.S. history putting in the least amount working hours than any other president.

Dozens of Serbia gays say election of gay PM to be historic

I don't know anything about Serbian politics.  This report describes the country as staunchly conservative.  So, something is amiss. 

GOP Lawmakers Call for Special Council to investigative Special Council Mueller and Comey

That's exactly what's needed because Robert Muelller is James Comey's mentor and BFF,  He's hired over a dozen Democrat lawyers who all contributed to Hillary Clinton. 

Trump supporter buys billboard bashing ABC News for Russia coverage

If there's a positive to the Russia hacked the elections theme, is how for millions of Americans they have finally come to realize how corrupt and dishonest the mainstream media truly is. 

Illinois Bishop Decrees: No Communion and No Funeral Rites for Same-Sex Couples

Bravo to the Bishop for standing up for the teachings of the faith! 


Good!  We don't need to be like Europe with their skyrocketing crimes rates in all the countries that took in refugees.