Saturday, February 17, 2018

Media reports claiming Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz connection to White Nationalist group prove bogus

I heard these reports pretty early after the shooting on Thursday, then nothing but silence.  This is the way the corrupt media operates.  They put out false information to suit their agenda knowing people won't hear the retraction.  

NewsBusters reports early Thursday afternoon, the Associated Press abandoned skepticism when the leader of a white nationalist group contacted it, claiming, in AP's words, that "Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his group and participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee."

Subsequent AP reports downplayed or ignored both law enforcement's assertions of "no known ties" between Cruz and the Republic of Florida and ROF leader Jordan Jereb's bizarre reported walkback.
By Friday afternoon, reporters at several media outlets, including Shawn Musgrave at Politico, declared that Jereb and others had "fooled the media" thanks to a "coordinated efforts by internet trolls."

After almost 1-1/2 days of Twitter silence and attempts to bury the embarrassment without comment, the AP admitted the following shortly after 8:30 Friday evening on Twitter and at its web site:

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Pea Brain-LeBron James disses Fox News host Laura Ingrham over ‘shut up and dribble’ comment

What LeBron James doesn't understand is that basketball fans don't give a hoot about his political opinions.  They care about how he hoops, that's it.  However If he wants to enter the political fray, and nobody is stopping him, not even Laura Ingraham, then he ought to expect pushback to come his way (shut up and dribble).  That's the way the game of politics is played and it's a much nastier game than basketball.   
NY Post reports LeBron James dissed Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham on Saturday – calling her “whatever her name is” and vowing to keep speaking his mind on social issues.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, speaking to reporters in Los Angeles ahead of Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, rejected the FNC host’s call this week to “shut up and dribble.” She was responding to James’ earlier comments that President Trump doesn’t “”give a f–k about the people.”

“We will definitely not shut up and dribble,” James said. “I would definitely not do that.”
The NBA icon sarcastically thanked Ingraham for bringing him attention – though the 33-year-old never called the FNC host by her name.
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Furious’ US hockey coach Tony Granato skips handshake with Russian coach after Russia beats USA 4-0

I can understand being mad and maybe the Russians were imdeed running the score.  But Tony Granato ends up looking small for refusing to shake hands, I think. 

NY Post reports the Russians aren’t just meddling in our elections. Now they’re disrupting our Olympic hopes.

US men’s hockey coach didn’t extend his hand to his Russian counterpart at the end of Saturday’s brutal 4-0 loss — because he probably wanted to give him the finger.

The former New York Ranger blew off the traditional postgame handshake with Russia’s Oleg Znarok, charging Team OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia) was trying to run up the score when the game was no longer in doubt.

NBC analyst Pierre McGuire said on the broadcast that Granato was “furious” when Team OAR sent out their top power-play unit with less than two minutes remaining in the game.

“I didn’t like it. It was 4-0,” Granato told reporters afterwards.

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What Corrupt Media Can't Accept: Russian indictments prove Trump won fair and square

NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin brings the truth CNN and MSNBC loath to accept.   

Goodwin writes:

After 18 months of Russia, Russia, Russia, we finally meet a cast of real Russians. But par for the convoluted course, they were pretending to be Americans.

The indictments obtained by special counsel Robert Mueller on Vladimir Putin’s attempts to create discord in the 2016 election and eventually support Donald Trump are important both for what they say and what they don’t say.

They offer huge victories for Trump — and thus more defeats for Hillary Clinton — but they don’t close the books on everything about 2016.

The very good news for the president is that the indictments are firm in saying that any Americans contacted by the 13 charged Russians, including Trump campaign associates, did not know they were dealing with Russians.

The indictments also state forcefully that despite their social media efforts, which ranged from creative to clumsy, the Russians had no impact on the election results.

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Man who accused ex-Seattle openly Gay Democrat mayor Ed Murray of sex abuse found dead

If this accuser was killed, guess who'd be the first prime suspect?

Laura Ingraham: Time for Mueller to Interview Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and Maybe Even Barack Obama

Fat chance that's going to happen. 

Olympics Ratings Remain Low On Night Of Nathan Chen’s Historic Quad Display

I haven't seen no more than 10 minutes of the Olympics. 

5 killed as semitrailer plows into cars in fiery crash on California freeway

This is horrible!