Wednesday, March 20, 2019

TUCKER CARLSON: Why Democrats suddenly want to change the rules

I love it when Tucker slams Democrats! He's says truth that crushes Democrats and their wickedness, 
Fox News reports when the founders of this country designed the American Republic, something we're grateful for obviously, not everyone was impressed by it at the time. Much of Europe scoffed at the idea, not just because they were monarchists, though many of them were free-thinking people of the time.

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‘This is MAGA Country!’: Smollett-Style Graffiti Found at Jewish Cemetery Many question if vandalism another hate crime hoax

Whoever did this I can pretty much guarantee they were Leftist activists. 

Defiant Trump sets sights on 2020: ‘Fear not, we will win anyway, just like we did before!’

The field of Democrats running against Trump all look like SNL rejects.

Where's the Condemnation by MSM?: State Dep't: 800K to 2 Million Muslims Forced Into 'Internment Camps' in Communist China

This is how Communist countries roll. 

Mind you’re your business, Mitt!: Romney calls out Trump's attacks on 'heroic' McCain

Nobody in the Republican base wants to hear from Mitt Romney!