Thursday, January 19, 2017

CNN Scumbags: Outage at 'traitorous' CNN for 'inciting violence' with report that OBAMA cabinet member will be president if Trump and Pence are killed at the inauguration

CNN has sunken below the of NBC and MSNBC.  I didn't think it was possible.  But, this dirt bag channel has earned their place in the bottom of the gutter with filthy rats. 

Daily Mail reports CNN has been accused of inciting violence against Donald Trump after the network said an Obama appointee would take over if the president-elect was killed at his inauguration.

Wednesday's startling report, titled 'Disaster could put Obama appointee in Oval Office,' speculated on what might happen if Trump, Mike Pence and the Congressional leaders were all killed during the ceremony.

During the segment they also used scenes from ABC show 'Designated Survivor', which depicts what would happen if the Capitol building - the venue for Trump's swearing in - was bombed and the Commander-in-chief killed.

The report concluded that a Democrat would take the vice-president's place in the White House in the event of such an attack, worrying some that venomous anti-Trump protesters might attempt a treasonous attack on the event.

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Whoever these nameless advisors are need to fired immediately! 

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It's pretty simple math. 

John Lewis's Theme Song

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Soft on Traitors: Obama's stupid rationale - ‘Bradley Freakhow Chelsea Manning Has Served a Tough Prison Sentence’


Why should we expect a good decision from a horrible president?

Obama's Last Day, Thank You, Lord!

Man with hatchet killed after police chase ends near LAX

Great job, Boys!  That's how you serve and protect!