Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sean Hannity The Real Russian Collusion Story

Real Russian Collusion with Obama Regime: Obama administration knew about Russian bribery plot before uranium deal

Why is there a special counsel investigating President Trump with all this information linking the Obama administration to Russia?
NY Post reports the Obama administration knew that Russia had used bribery, kickbacks and extortion to get a stake in the US atomic-energy industry — but cut deals giving Moscow control of a large chunk of the US uranium supply anyway, according to a report Tuesday.

The FBI used a confidential US witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather records, make secret recordings and intercept ­e-mails as early as 2009 that showed the Kremlin had compromised an American uranium trucking company, The Hill reported.

Executives at the company, Transport Logistics International, kicked back about $2 million to the Russians in exchange for lucrative no-bid contracts — a scheme that violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the report said.

The feds also learned that Russian nuclear officials had gotten millions of dollars into the US designed to benefit the Clinton Foundation at the same time then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government committee that signed off on the deals, sources told The Hill.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Feeble Hillary Clinton Breaks a Toe in a Fall on Book Tour

Yeah, Hillary definitely has health issues that made her a dangerous choice for the White House. 

NewsMax reports Hillary Clinton was in a surgical boot and on crutches Monday after breaking her toe in a fall on a stairway — forcing her to cancel some of her British media interviews, the Daily Mail reported.

The 69-year-old former Democratic presidential nominee recounted the incident on the BBC program The Graham Norton Show, telling the host she took a tumble in high heels while holding a cup of coffee; the fall forced her to pull out of scheduled TV and radio appearances including ITV's This Morning and Woman's Hour on Radio 4.

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A-LIST 'ASSAULT' Oscar-winning actor caught up in Weinstein sex abuse scandal as top US broadcaster accuses him of assaulting a loved one

I've made the point for the past couple of days that Harvey Weinstein IS NOT the only sexual predator in Hollywood and it's only a matter of tine the OTHERS will be exposed! 

Shameful RINO John McCain slams 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' sweeping America

Sen. John McCain still around?

Pay Back: Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia killed in car bombing after 'Panama Papers' reporting

This sends a message that reporting on the powerful and exposing what they want kept secret is dangerous to the health.

The Truth About Hollywood-Paul Joseph Watson

Hollywood sucks!  But, Paul says it better than I do. 

Monday, October 16, 2017


Look like a candidate for deportation to me!

Intern says Mega Democrat Donor Harvey Weinstein sex assaults date back to the ’80s

Harvey Weinstein is definitely going to appear on a lot of GOP ads this coming mid year elections.

Chill In the Air as McConnell Prepares to Meet with Trump

I would love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.

Feds granting nearly 2 million work permits to illegal immigrants in 2017

This needs to be straightened out once and for all!

Nicole Maliotakis new subway ad has New Yorkers talking as she challenges Bill de Blasio for mayor of New York

 Bill de Blasio may not be the shoe-in he thinks he is as Nicole Maliotakis makes a credible case for becoming the new mayor of New York. 
Nicole Malliotakis

ISIS-affiliated leaders killed in Southern Philippines


Alex Jones-Vegas Coverup Collapsing: Sheriff May Be In Danger

I don't know what happened in Vegas.  But, I wouldn't to be in Sheriff Joe Lombardo's position.