Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The real Alicia Machado, Trump body shaming accuser is a Porn star who had sex on live TV, did Playboy photo shoot, threatened to kill judge in murder plot, has as much credibility as Crooked Hillary for telling the truth

Alicia Machado having sex on live TV not exactly Mother Teresa

Whoever was the genius in the Crooked Hillary camp that thought it was a good idea to roll out Alicia Machado to hurt Donald Trump may be getting a “Columbian Neck Tie” sometime in the future.  The smear is blowing up in Hillary’s face in a big way.    
Daily Mail reports: 

  • Alicia Machado's life has been turned upside down after Hillary Clinton used her to show Donald Trump's sexism for 'fat-shaming' her in 1996
  • News reports in Spanish indicate that she fathered a child with a notorious Mexican drug kingpin, something she denies
  • The witness who testified about that relationship was killed by a hitman
  • Venezuelan judge accused her of threatening to kill him for charging her boyfriend with attempted murder in a case where she drove getaway car
  • Machado wouldn't deny that on CNN Tuesday night: 'I'm not a saint girl. ... that happened 20 years ago'
  • She also appeared in a 2005 Spanish reality TV show, having sex with a fellow contestant on-camera
  • She moaned: 'What a tasty d***' as she was seen having sex with a Spanish actor; she was engaged to Major League Baseball player Bobby Abreu 
  • Shuttered her Twitter account in 2010 after wishing for 'peace between the Chinas' – mistaking China for North and South Korea
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I hope Hillary keeps Alicia Machado on the campaign trail as much as possible.  She’s good for a laugh and Trump is benefitting from Hillary’s desperation.   

Give Her Dishonorable Discharge: Navy launches investigation into female Black sailor Janaye Ervin who didn't stand for National Anthem

It’s a privilege to serve in the military and if she doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem, then the Navy doesn’t need this woman-period! 

Trump is right: 9 killed, 45 wounded in shootings in Democrat-run Chicago over weekend, it’s typical week in and week out

The carnage in Chicago is unreal. 

HE DID HAVE A GUN: Man, Keith Lamont Scott, shot by cops in Charlotte bought gun from burglar: report

Some media outlets like NBC News, the Brain Williams network, are continuing to report a false agenda narrative that the thug shot by police was unarmed. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What the Corrupt Media Machine Has News Blackout On: Trump Takes Leads in Electoral College

The Crooked Hillary-lovin’ media is not saying a peep about how Donald Trump has taken a lead in the Electoral College.  BillStill has this break down.      

Critical Condition for Crooked Hillary: POLL Says JUST 36% THINK SHE'S HEALTHY

It’s really obvious that the Associated Press is pissed off by the results of this poll

How Lester Holt All But Carried Hillary’s Pants Suit: Lester Holt: The Third Debater?

Lester Holt became Hillary’s tag team partner at last night debate against Donald Trump. 


I can pretty much guarantee they won’t be talking about this piece of information on NBC. 

How Corrupt Media underreports Black on White Crime: Asian woman kills black intruder -- Cops break up black gang that targets Asians

I gotta give a hat tip to my cousin Eddie sending me this video on a situation that never gets talked about by the corrupt media machine.  There are things that happen that doesn’t get reported by news outlets for purely agenda reasons.  ColinFlaherty is doing excellent work in this area.