Thursday, August 17, 2017

Memo to the Media: Trump wins reelection in 2020 by a huge margin BECAUSE of Charlottesville

The majority of the American people can see past the misreporting and the drummed up outrage on the Left.  They see President Trump fighting back, alone, for truth while others in the Republican party run away and hide or worse join in the manufactured feeding frenzy.      

It's nothing news!

Come Election Day 2020 everybody on The Left will get the shock of their lives, for the second time.   

Swamp Creature Robert Mueller May Not Be The Savior The Anti-Trump Internet Is Hoping For

This is hilarious!  Can could imagine all the Trump haters dropping their Danish in their coffee this morning. 

Hamas guard killed in suicide bombing in southern Gaza

There goes the terrorist! 

When thru Alt Left New Black Panther Party for the killing of White Children, Media said nothing and didn't get mad

Millions of people who get their news from the major Nets still haven't seen this video to this day. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We need to pull down Rich Lowry’s statue: When a conservative voice bends to the mob and ceases being relevant

I gave up on Rich Lowry the moment he advocated the release of Mitt Romney’s tax records.

Hannity: Trump couldn't have been clearer on Charlottesville

Sean sets the record straight on how President Trump's response was appropriate and presidential despite the whining from the corrupt media. 

  Hannity on Fox

Thousands of Idiots, Snowflakes, and various Doh Doh Birds hit NYC streets to protest Trump’s response to Charlottesville

Productive people couldn't make the protest, they were  too busy working for a living. 

Omarosa: Defends Trump's response to Charlottesville and how mind locked African Americans mistreat Conservative Blacks

Omarosa is one of President Trump's biggest supporters and she's a threat to Democrats paradigm on how Blacks should think.    

SCARAMUCCI? He's old news!

As far as I'm concerned Anthony Scaramucci's 15 minutes of fame ended as fast as It started.  But, that not gonna prevent the corrupt media from trying prolong his relevance in hope that they can use it to bury Trump. 


Corrupt Media Severely Downplays President Trump's Triumph of Kim Jong Un

Can you imagine the fuss if Barack Obama got North Korea to back down

The true history of the Democrat Party and how they started the KKK

A lot of people to this day still don't know the true history of the Democrat Party and they, not Republicans started the KKK.