Tuesday, January 17, 2017

John Lewis is a Liar: Trump says civil right leader John Lewis 'got caught in a very bad lie' when he said inauguration boycott will be his first

John Lewis trapped himself in a big lie!  Or maybe he has dementia and can't remember he skipped George W. Bush's inauguration also.  Either way Lewis is not beyond being criticized no matter how many times he was hit upside the dead n the Pettis Bridge.    
Daily Mail reports President-elect Donald Trump blasted Democratic Rep. John Lewis on Tuesday, saying in a pre-taped Fox News Channel interview that the Georgia congressman 'got caught' in a lie about his history of inauguration boycotts.

Lewis claimed skipping Trump's swearing-in would be a first for him, but it was later learned that he had also refused to show up for George W. Bush's inauguration.

As with Trump's, Lewis claimed at the time that Bush wasn't a legitimately elected president. He said later that he had forgotten about his 2001 boycott.

'Yeah, he doesn't remember. He conveniently doesn't remember,' Trump scoffs in the interview, which will air Wednesday morning on 'Fox & Friends.' The network aired a teaser clip during Tuesday's broadcast of 'The Five.' 

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Obama commutes the sentence of Bradley Manning traitor and freak show going by the name of Chelsea because HE wants to be a woman

There's no way in the world I'm going to respect what this piece of garbage did and there's no way in the world I want my tax dollars to cut off his penis because He feels pretty all of a sudden. 

Outgoing CIA chief has a hissy fit slams Trump for ‘Nazi Germany’ comparison


This guy really is a big baby.  I think it's time for his mother to give him his bottle.

The Trump Effect Continues: GM Plans at Least $1 Billion in Fresh U.S. Investment...

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And Trump's not even president yet!

Johnny Playing his Old Games: Rep. John Lewis Also Boycotted W. Bush Inauguration

, Flicker

 John Lewis is not taking it upon himself to boycott Trump's inauguration.

TOO COMPLICATED' Trump bristles at House Republican tax plan, may lead to showdown

More coordination has to happen in order to get Trump's tax plan what he promised the American people.