Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democrats procure flags for convention stage after embarrassing oversight leaves Old Glory missing from Monday night's festivities

Democrats didn’t forget the American flag.  This is the true nature of the Dems who don’t believe in the American flag and never thought it was important. 

Daily Mail reports after slogging through a boisterous convention on the floor, Democrats were forced to make a last-minute adjustment to the on-stage decor, after a report pointed out there were no American flags present.
Democrats unveiled a sleek stage to the nation Monday, after the convention had been in the works for months.

As speaker after speaker took the stage, screens behind them produced stunning scenery of the country and cool grey backgrounds.

But there wasn't a single American flag onstage – notwithstanding the fact that most of the speakers were lawmakers, who each have Capitol offices festooned with flags and other patriotic ware.

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MSNBC Maddow: I Found Top Part of Clinton's Speech 'Shocking and Rude'...

Rachel Maddow, who I call the Karate Kid, was offended by Bill Clinton’s speech not because it was a boatload of lies, but because it wasn’t feminist enough.   

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Time to GO Nuclear on ISIS! : First picture of one of ISIS knifemen who forced elderly priest, 84, to kneel at altar before they slit his throat on camera after invading Mass

When will The West get serious about ISIS and stop with the posing of outrage and start killing the enemy at War with us? 

REMEDY FOR CHAOS: RIP TRUMP Dems try to side-step email scandal that sent Sanders backers into frenzy with scorching attacks on Trump

Here’s the fatal flaw of the DNC.  No amount of lipstick can make a pig not look like a pig.  Crooked Hillary is dishonest and there’s ample evidence that proves it despite all the glowing accolades she’ll get from convention speakers.  

Mogadishu car bombing attacks: Ten killed in airport blasts

Trouble reigns in all parts of the world.

What you won’t hear about at DNC: 2 more dead, 10 wounded in Chicago shootings Monday

The city of Chicago is a war zone.