Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Super Lib Mayor De Blasio downplays surge in murders, blames gang activity instead of his decision to abolish stop and frisk: Think again Billie

Our idiot mayor says the spike in murder, up 15% from last year, is a result of gang activity.   Oh really?  Well, maybe the increase in gang activity has a lot to do with gang bangers unafraid to carry their gats knowing Cops won’t stop and frisk them?  Unfortunately, Bill de Blasio thinks 2+2 = 22 instead of 4.  Moron! 

NY Post reports Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday brushed off a spike in murders and shootings across the city — saying its hardly the return of New York’s bad old days.

“The fact is in some boroughs we have seen some increases,” he said. “In others we’ve seen decreases.

“For thoseof us who were here in the bad old days when we had 2,000 murders or more ayear, a lot of everyday citizens were getting caught by those crossfires.”

Murders are up 15 percent this year, from 107 to 123, as of Sunday night — but the mayor downplayed the statistics, blaming the city’s “sore spots” on a small group of career criminals.

Two more people were murdered between Monday and Tuesday, bringing the total up to 125 so far this year.

“There’s been obviously tremendous police presence in some of the precincts where we’ve had the particular challenges,” he said.

“I think it’s clear that what we have primarily here is a gang and crew problem.”

De Blasio said the murder increase is “small” — while in the same breath, promising, “We’ve got to do better. We’re going to turn that around.”

He urged people to pay more attention to overall crime, which is down compared to last year.

“If you put this year in the context of the years over the last 10 to 20 years, we still have one of the lowest – overall – again, overall index crime, the lowest crime we’ve seen in years,” he said.

Shootings are up 7.5 percent and shooting victims have increased 9 percent for the year, with the bloody summer months about to begin.

Despite the sobering stats, hizzoner insisted, “When you look at murders and shootings — two areas where we want to do better, and we believe we will do better in the short-term — compared to recent years, [we’re] still, thank God, very strong.”

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Black on Black Carnage Yields No Outrage: 12 Killed, 43 Wounded In Memorial Day Weekend Shootings in Obama’s Home Town-Chicago

Pic Atlanta Post

I’ve been saying for over 2 years that a Newtown-style massacre happens in Chicago every weekend.  You can set your watch by it.  And this past Memorial Day weekend was no exception.  But, nobody cries “Black Lives Matter” when African American  bodies start dropping in the Windy City.
Chicago CBS reports twelve people were killed and at least 43 — including a 4-year-old girl — were wounded in shootings across Chicago this Memorial Day weekend, police said.

#BlackLivesMatter?: 28 Shootings, 9 Dead, Over Memorial Day Weekend In Baltimore, Police WERE NOT involved


Rest assured there won’t be a protest march or rioting in the streets over this carnage because when Blacks shoot and kill each other their lives don’t matter for the media.
CBSBaltimore reports It’s been a violent  weekend in Baltimore after a surge of shootings–some deadly across the city.

Blue looking after Blue: NYPD visits Baltimore to help cops cope after riots

Excellent job by fellow officer in Blue to help out their brother and sisters in Baltimore. 

NY Post reports New York cops have a tough job, but their comrades in Baltimore had it a lot tougher when violent street riots erupted last month following the death of a black man in police custody.

Dartmouth to host ‘Memorial Day Blackout’ to honor ‘black lives lost’

I don’t understand the point they’re trying to make.  The #BlackLivesMatter started in the wake of a media-hyped killing of a Black Man by a White Cop.  Nobody noticed the Black on Black shootings in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia or New York before that?
The CollageFix reports as the Dartmouth College campus community on Monday marked Memorial Day – a national holiday that honors and respects military men and women of all racial backgrounds who have died in the line of duty – students and scholars were alerted to another Memorial Day observance at the Ivy League university.

Monday, May 25, 2015

A time when I was proud to be an American, Opening credits to Top Gun

Top Gun starring Tom Cruise was released in the mid 80s during the Reagan era.  We felt good about our country and what we stood for as a nation.  Believe it or not Hollywood released movies that captured the essence of America such as in this scene. 

Out-of-Control Govt: Georgia teacher Julie Giles arrested and placed in shackles for her son’s 'THREE unexcused absences from school


I’ve seen some abuses of power by government officials, but this is makes the top of the list.  Issuing an arrest warrant for 3 absences from school?  How about arresting teachers for teaching children the homosexual life style?  That they could do all day long. 
Daily Mail reports a Georgia mother was arrested after her son was accused of having too many unexcused absences at school.

Social Media Roars Against Democrats: Democrats Slammed For Non-Patriotic Memorial Day Tweets

The only kind of patriotism Democrats believe in is more people on food stamps or some other sort of government dependence.  They’re only about buying votes by giving out benefits and staying in power. 

Income Inequality enforced by NYC Liberals: NO PAY, NO PLAY NYC school keeps poor kids from class carnival in Flushing Queens

This is how Liberals get away with being mean to the poor.  They get away with it because the corrupt media covers for them.
Fox News reports no party for the poor. PS 120 in Flushing held a carnival for its students on Thursday, but kids whose parents did not pay $10 were forced to sit in the auditorium while their classmates had a blast.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bill de Blasio: The Boring Progressive


Bill de Blasio is a much bigger progressive blowhard than Barack Obama.  That’s quite an achievement for a guy who owes his political good fortunes to a ten inch Afro and an allegedly ex Lesbian wife.  This piece In the American Thinker is a very good read and a nice picture of New York’s Lib whack-job mayor.
 Bill de Blasio: The Boring Progressive

I am so sick of de Blasio promoting his Progressive agenda.  The job of a politician is to pragmatically play among various ideologies and to satisfy the majority of his constituents rather than to dogmatically stick to his opinions.

Iraq is a country of Punks: Iraqi soldiers ran away from Ramadi despite outnumbering ISIS and have no 'will to fight', says Pentagon Secretary

Defense Dept

If these pathetic Iraqi don’t have the stones to fight for their own country, then why are we wasting our time with them?  

Daily Mail reports the Islamic State group's takeover of Ramadi is evidence that Iraqi forces do not have the 'will to fight,' Defense Secretary Ash Carter said, in the harshest assessment yet from a high-ranking Obama administration official of Iraqi fighters and the loss of the provincial capital

Memo to GOP Establishment Cowards: 'Don’t let the secular progressives drive God out,' says Dr. Ben Carson

No truer words have ever been spoken yet in this presidential campaign by Dr. Ben Carson.  The people who need to hear this message the most are the GOP establishment, the GOP donor class, and GOP consultants who stupidly think social issues are not important.