Thursday, February 11, 2016

Clinton, Sanders clash over ties to Wall Street at extremely boring Democratic debate

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

If you know anyone suffering from Insomnia, do then a favor and send them a video of this debate.  I guarantee they’ll snooze away in minutes.   

Fox News reports Bernie Sanders clashed with Hillary Clinton at Thursday’s Democratic debate over Clinton’s Wall Street ties, once again suggesting that the financial sector’s big donations are meant to buy influence.

“Let’s not insult the intelligence of the American people. People aren’t dumb,” Sanders said. “Why in God’s name does Wall Street make huge campaign contributions? I guess just for the fun of it.” 

They sparred on the issue as Sanders touted the fact he’s “the only candidate up here” who has no super PAC supporting him. A super PAC backing Clinton, he said, recently raised $15 million from Wall Street. 

Clinton countered by noting that President Obama took Wall Street donations too, but “when it mattered, he stood up and took on Wall Street.”

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INFURIATING IMAGES: Navy rips Iran over video of captive US sailor crying

Outrageous!  And what is the Obama regime gonna do about it?  Absolutely nothing

Monster Walking: Man fatally stabs mother Rebecca Cutler, 2 young children on Staten Island

It’s unbelievable a father could do this to his own child. 

Gunman shoots two cops dead in 'ambush' at crowded Maryland Panera restaurant after targeting them because of their uniforms

Interesting how two Cops get ambushed  after Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders go on rants against the police. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Crazy socialist Bernie Sanders Raises $5M Less Than 24 Hours After wiping the floor with soon to be indicted Hillary

Marc Noze, Creative Commons

I’m really not concerned about Bernie other than he makes the Democrat establishment freak out.

Obama’s premature withdrawal leads to TALIBAN COMEBACK, 500 US soldiers heading back to Afghanistan

This is what happens when a community organizer as commander-in-chief.

Bernie Sanders to kiss Al Sharpton’s ring in Harlem at Sylvia's

The headline is enough to describe the state of the Democrat Party.  They offer a choice between a Communist and a criminal. 

Police Investigate Attack on Transgender Woman Jennifer Louise Lopez on Subway as Hate Crime

Rough time for the T crowd. This is the type of story the corrupt media machine eats up. 

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama’s Efforts to Regulate Coal Emissions

Obama war on fossil fuel hits a roadblock.  Hopefully, SCTUS does the right thing and hand him permanent defeat.