Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gay Infiltration in Congress: GOP Rep Scott Garrett blows whistle on Republicans’ congressional campaign committee for recruiting and supporting Homosexual candidates

I saw this headline in Bloomberg, Wall Street Money Dries Up for Lawmaker After Anti-Gay Remarks.  After reading the story further I found out something about the establishment GOP that I didn’t know, they’re  increasing the ranks of homosexuals in Congress.   

Bloomberg reports Representative Scott Garrett, who heads an influential House subcommittee overseeing the U.S. capital markets, is facing a revolt by corporate and Wall Street donors after he reportedly made anti-gay remarks at a private meeting of Republican lawmakers.

Earlier this month, in what financial lobbyists said was a sign of things to come, the Big 4 accounting firms and their trade association abruptly canceled a fundraising event for the New Jersey Republican. In addition, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has decided to stop making political action committee donations to Garrett, people familiar with the matter said.

Not surprisingly, Garrett’s top donors include banks, hedge funds, audit firms and exchanges. They were jarred when Politico reported on July 16 that Garrett had made remarks disparaging gays in a closed door meeting, telling colleagues that he refused to pay required dues to the Republicans’ congressional campaign committee because it had recruited, and supported, homosexual candidates.

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This is how the Gay Mafia is growing and pushing the Gay agenda forward. 

Pundits Wrong AGAIN: POLL finds Trump Leads GOP Field Among Hispanics

Oh how can this be?  The so-called experts laughed when Trump said he’d win the Latino vote. 

Opps: Donald Trump leads RINO Jeb Bush 6 pts in Florida

Doesn’t say much for the GOP establishment darling, does it?

Geraldo Rivera wins Most Naïve Man in the World Award for believing in Iranian Nuke Deal

I listen to Geraldo every day on the radio and he actually puts on a very good show.  I agree with him 50% of the time. 

Seattle workers gripe about new $15 minimum wage because it knocks them off welfare rolls

You can’t please these kinds of being that are getting what they wished for.

Sleazy & Discredited Phony Story Maker-Rolling Stone, ties Donald Trump and Bill Cosby in a rape falsehood

The rag magazine that reported on a mythical rape story at the University of Virginia is at it again. 

Calling out the Crying Man: The very real consequences of the effort to remove John Boehner

NC Rep Mark Meadows
Bozo John Boehner

Boehner's unwillingness to fight for Republican or conservative values (which used to be the same thing)
                News Machete, American Thinker
News Machete wrote this excellent article that is very much worth checking out about one Patriot in The House calling out John Boehner for the fraud that he is. 

24 hours after voting measure to FUND Planned Parenthood Liar-Mitch McConnell is now allegedly fast tracking bill to DEFUBD Planned Parenthood

Does anybody really believe Republicans are trying to defund Planned Parenthood? 

Tom Brady follows Hillary Clinton playbook by destroying his cell phone in Deflate-gate scandal

If people are going to be so outraged about Tom Brady destroying his cell phone in an investigation of a  deflated football, then there needs to be even a bigger outrage over Hillary Clinton destroying her personal emails that contained classified information that put people’s lives at risk. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015