Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FLASHBACK: Jesse Jackson praises and thanks Trump for lifetime of service to African Americans

Isn't funny after over 30 years in public life, Trump wasn't called a racist until after he became a candidate for president.

Father of the Year: Dad with a hunch hires helicopter, finds injured son trapped in car

Three cheers for this great Dad!

How Libs Govern: Seattle Soda Tax Sticker Shock: $10.34 on a $15.00 Case of Coke...

The only thing Liberal Democrats know how to do is tax everything they see with regard for economic impact. 

Evil Parents arrested after 12 children, ages 2-29, found shackled in California home

This is just plain sick and evil! Watch how the corrupt media will politicize this story if they could.

Why They Are Calling Trump a Racist - Bill Still

Bill Still lays out how Black support for Trump is increasing despite what the corrupt media reports

Monday, January 15, 2018

Comic Book Convention founder/snowflake Cliff Galbraith bans ‘Hercules’ star Kevin Sorbo because he’s pals with Hannity

Kevin Sorbo

Cliff Galbraith is a worse snowflake than the kids on college campus because he's a grown man. 

Trump attacks perpetual liar Sen. 'Dicky Durbin' over 's---hole' remarks

Sen. Dick Durbin is one of the most dishonest senators we have.

Alveda King: Trump Is Not Racist, African-Americans Benefit From His Presidency

The corrupt media never covers what Alveda King has to say. 

Chelsea-Bradley Manning Attacks Democratic Leadership in First Campaign Video

I think CB has no shot of beating incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin in a primary fight. 

Yas'sa Boss: Black reps Waters, Lewis, Wilson among growing list of Dems planning to boycott Trump's SOTU on orders from Whites who run party

Sources say these three representatives have been given their marching order by White Democrats who run the party. 

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid: THE NEW GM - NO DRIVER!

There's no reason under the Sun why the idea of driverless cars is a good thing. 

Al Sharpton is what's wrong with the Democrat Party, He's an insult to the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today in New York there's going to be a celebration remembering the good work done by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.