Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story

Well, Sarah Palin is already suing the NY Times.  Could CNN be far behind at some point in the future fo their scandalous reporting?  

NY Post reports the specter of a $100 million libel suit scared CNN into retracting a poorly reported story that slimed an ally of President Trump’s — and forcing out the staffers responsible for it, The Post has learned.

 The cable network’s coverage of Trump transition-team member Anthony Scaramucci came amid federal scrutiny of corporate parent Time Warner’s pending purchase by AT&T — and the widespread belief among media execs that CNN President Jeff Zucker can’t survive a merger.

CNN immediately caved after Scaramucci, a financier and frequent network guest, cried foul and threatened to take legal action, sources said Tuesday.

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SECRETS: John Podesta of Pizzagate fame Meets With House Intel Panel BEHIND CLOSED DOORS..

This is very interesting.  Although I don't think this meeting has to do with Pizzagate.  But, who knows?

Retracted CNN story boon for President Trump at war with corrupt media machine

President Trump has been calling CNN the kings of fake News for weeks.

CNN IN HELL: CNN’s Russia story debacle came at the worst possible time for the network

At this point the only people who watch CNN are despondent Democrats, Snowflakes, and otherwise losers that can't get over Hillary Clinton got her fat ass kicked by Donald Trump. 

CNN Journalists Resign: Latest Example of Media Recklessness on the Russia Threat

CNN is finally getting their  comeuppance for their months upon months of pelting  bullshit about Russia colluding with Trump.  

Fight Back Against Corrupt Media Machine: Sarah Palin Suing NEW YORK TIMES For Defamation

Go Sarah!  Sue the crap out that rag sheet! 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VIDEO BOMBSHELL: O'KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN! CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative 'Bullsh*t'...

CNN might as well close up shop because their spot has been blown higher than Mount Everest!  They have been exposed for the frauds that they are!

BOMBSHELL: Secret FBI memos suggest Russia-Flynn probe was political payback...

If there one outfit that does "real journalism" it's Circa.  I guarantee none of the corrupt media outlets will pick this story up. 

California Man Aramazd Andressian arrested for killing his son wanted to get back at wife for divorce: cops

This guy is pure evil! 


Could?  If we were a nation under law, she'd be in prison already next to her BFF Hillary! 

CNN Fake News honcho Jeff Zucker: Viewers trust CNN ‘more than ever’, Okay, start laughing

Gimmie a break, Jeff! 

Chaos at Clinton News Network: 3 CNN Staffers Resign Over Botched Russia Story

Truth be told the entire staff at CNN should resign because they all suck!  They're not journalists, they're a bunch of partisan gossip mongers.