Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What Corrupt American Media Won't Report: Obama administration spied on Americans illegally through searches of Internet data conducted by the NSA

 The corrupt Obama-loving media in the United States is completely ignoring these revelations about their favorite president.  This is why the media is so corrupt!  

Daily Mail reports Barack Obama's National Security Agency conducted illegal searches of hundreds of users' Internet data after the former president relaxed the rules on government snooping.

The Obama administration also upped the number of Americans it had unmasked in intelligence reports, Circa reported, renewing concerns among civil liberty groups that Americans' Fourth Amendment rights were routinely violated.

Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that it also raises questions about the motivations that Obama aides like Susan Rice had when they requested the names of Americans whose identities were obscured in surveillance reports.

If Rice and others did it for political purposes, to hurt Donald Trump for instance, that would be an 'amazing abuse of power,' he told Fox & Friends.

Trump succeeds with NATO where Obama FAILED

President Trump got NATO to change to change their behavior.  Why?  Because that's what a real leader who leads from the front does!   

Mcclatchy DC reports President Donald Trump sent shock waves across Europe when he railed against the NATO alliance during his campaign and threatened not to defend those nations that hadn’t paid their share of defense expenses.

He wasn’t the first to raise concerns: President Barack Obama had frequently lamented NATO members’ failure to spend enough on defense.

But it was Trump’s undiplomatic rhetoric that got the issue to the top of the group’s agenda this week, when NATO’s members are expected to accept the idea of public report cards to make sure everyone’s meeting the requirements of the alliance.

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Trump approval POPS to 48%

Rasmussen along with the LA Times tracking poll were a couple of the few polls that correctly predicted a Trump White House win.  Of course the corrupt media will ignore this in favor of their own bogus polls. 

Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) disapprove. 

The latest figures for Trump include 31% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 42% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11. (see trends). 

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Yellowbelly Republicans give Trump's budget the cold shoulder

Would you want any of these pathetic bastards with you in a foxhole during a war?  Of course not!  But, this is what President Trump has to contend with from his own party.     

The Hill reports Republican leaders in Congress say they will go their own way on spending and largely ignore the budget President Trump sent to Congress on Tuesday, underlining a divide between the White House and his congressional allies on spending issues.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) downplayed the significance of setting Trump’s budget aside as he told reporters that he will soon begin negotiations with Democrats on the top-line numbers for discretionary spending bills.

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What the point of having control of both houses of Congress if GOPers are going to act like scared rabbits anyway? 

Defeatism Reigns in UK: BBC Host tells MSNBC’s Morning Joe ‘Europe is Getting Used to Attacks’ Like Manchester Bombing Because ISIS is Here to Stay (VIDEO)

That's the problem with the socialists who run Europe, they're a bunch of defeat-minded chumps who accept getting their asses kicked instead of fighting back.  Pathetic! 

What the Corrupt Media Won't Report: Classified documents show Obama illegally spied on Americans for years

You won't hear a peep about this information from any of the mainstream media outlets too busy trying to destroy the presidency of a real leader like Donald Trump.

Adults Willin' Out Worse Than Students: Stone Mountain Middle School teacher fight caught on tape by student

Maybe they were fighting over money, drugs, or a Man?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dishonest ABC News puts out false report claiming Trump is retaining an attorney for Russia inquiry he's had on retainer for years

ABC News put out an extremely misleading story saying  that President Trump is hiring a lawyer to deal with false allegations of Russian collusion. 

Gregg Jarrett: What is Robert Mueller investigating (since collusion is not a crime)?

That's a heck of a good question the corrupt media surely is not interested in getting an answer to.

Roger Moore, Who Played James Bond 007 Times, Dies at 89

I really enjoyed watching Roger Moore as James Bond. 

President Donald Trump brands suicide bomber behind terror attack at Manchester Arena: as 'evil loser'

Trump's characterization of the suicide bomber as evil loser is totally on point!

Yuk: 71-Year-Old Cher Dons See-Through Top and Nipple Pasties at Billboard Award

Time to give it up, Old Girl, it ain't working anymore!

Sleazy CNN claims Special Council Mueller briefed on fictions Comey memos, "mysterious source" says

Where is this meme our thoroughly corrupt media keeps talking about? 

UPDATE: Manchester Arena attack: Children among 22 killed at Ariana Grande concert by suicide bomb explosion

This is unreliable!  What possess someone to target children like that? How long is Western civilization going to put up with this? 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dishonest Washington Post claims Trump asked intelligence officials to deny connections with Russia without confirmation from officials themselves

Once against the Trump hating Washington Post is relying on "current and former government officials" to spin a yarn that is falling deaf ears. 

Nail BOMB Goes Off Ariana Grande concert -19 people dead and 50 injured in Manchester Arena, Terrorist Attack, young people in attendance

Here we go again!  Evil people want to inflect damage on The West and we need to get serious about dealing with it. 

Terrorism Attack- Manchester Arena: police confirm 19 dead, 50 injured after explosion at Ariana Grande concert in UK– latest updates

Smells like Islamic terrorism to me! 

   19 fatalities confirmed by Greater Manchester police after reports of explosion at pop concert

  About 50 more injured

  Witnesses reported hearing at least one explosion at the end of the set

  Police are asking people to avoid the area

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