Wednesday, August 31, 2016

REPORT: ‘Hillary For Prison Shirt’ Nets More Searches Than ‘Hillary Bumper Sticker’

I’ve been saying for weeks that the polling conducted by the corrupt media machine is bullshit.  But, even those polls are showing a Hillary collapse and the metrics of this story paint I think a more accurate picture of the facts on the ground.   

InFo Wars reports if Google searches are any indication, there is a more intense interest in publicly declaring Hillary Clinton belongs in prison than showing support for her candidacy for president. recently produced a series of search term comparisons related to Clinton and Donald Trump in order to gauge intensity among voters for or against each candidate.

Perhaps the most humorous bit of data revealed more Google users search “Hillary for Prison shirt” on a monthly basis than “Hillary bumper sticker”.


According to the data, there are an average of 1,900 searches per month for “Hillary for Prison shirt” while only 1,600 searches for “Hillary bumper sticker.” There are even fewer — 720 — searches for “Hillary shirt.”
According to the Regated report, Google users are searching “Make America Great Again” — Trump’s campaign slogan — much more frequently than Clinton’s “I’m With Her.”

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Corrupt Media Machine fails to mention REUTERS POLL says CLINTON, TRUMP ALL TIED UP

The cumulative effect of Crooked Hillary’s dishonesty, shady dealing at the State Dept selling herself and giving favors to mega donors to her foundation,

Trump’s point proven, Again: Man killed, at least 17 shot in Chicago in past 6 HRS, Democrat run city

Should African Americans or ANY Americans live under these conditions in any city in this country? 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Can Trump Get The Black Vote? Brother Nathanael offers insight

Brother Nathanael is a social commentator with interesting insights on culture and politics. 

Minnesota Gay Predators Off Themselves: Gay Teacher Aric Babbitt and his Husband In Murder-Suicide Under Child Sex Crime Investigation

This scenario happens a lot often than people think but is rarely reported by the corrupt media machine.

Under Liberal Government: August most violent month in Chicago -- in more than 20 years!

What’s happening in Chicago is a disgrace that doesn’t get national attention because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the corrupt media machine. 

States, religious groups sue Obama regime over transgender treatment requirements

It’s time to stop the insanity of throwing society into upheaval for the bogus concerns of less .05% of the population. 

Breaking it Down: Black Lives Matter to Donald Trump

Trump is wisely continuing his outreach to the Black community. 

Watch a Very Funny Donald Trump Perfectly Describe Anthony Weiner Years Ago, ‘The guy is a whack job pervert!’

This is Trump at his funny best mowing down Anthony Wiener.  Clip courtesy of Mark Simone WOR 710