Friday, November 20, 2020

Is Tucker Carlson selling out?: Tucker Carlson SLAMS Sidney Powell for not Providing Evidence Election was Taken from Trump

It pains me to say, but Tucker Carlson has taken a huge step backward in credibility. 

No other talking head says the kind of stuff he says with conviction slamming the rest of the mainstream media, Democrats, Black Lives Matter and Antifa the way Tucker Carlson does.  He's the closest thing on cable to Rush Limbaugh there is.  No one else comes close out side of NewsMasx and One America News. 

However, the Fox News Channel has shifted drastically leftward in focus as a result of Rupert Murdoch's sons getting more involved in taking over the business.

At this point where is the difference between Fox and CNN?  They're both parroting the same talking points and that's a bigger scandal than Tucker Carlson's credibility. 

It's not the same Fox anymore and viewers are voting with their clickers and switching to NewMax and One America News.  Very sad in my opinion but it is what it is.            


  1. Trump legal team talked about it.
    Absentee ballots aren't checked by both dem/gop to verify the signatures and details. They're not checked at all in the counties in question. There's no observers during the count. Massive ballots dump that is mathematically impossible. Impossible biden votes jump when they're counting faster than counting machines could count

  2. I saw this last night. I'm noticing a quiet shift, as the various hosts hop onto the Biden kiss-ass bandwagon...

  3. It was only a matter of time. The communist agenda - infiltrate everything to take us down from within. first pander to your audience while subtly inserting the left's (communist) opinions and talking points - that is the real agenda. It's called, "brainwashing" only it's subtle. tucker is a sell out. he "loses" the thumb drive with all the videos and emails of China blackmailing Biden, then won't report on Hunter Biden because "he's his friend" and now badgering Sydney Powell(in the name of "news")to give up all she knows so the left can make use of it. Tucker, like Hannity and the other so called "conservatives" get paid handsomely to "only say so much".....notice the infiltration in the name of "fair and balanced", the liberal socialist/communists..this is Faux News......only real one left is Lou Dobbs. But I quit watching Faux News over 3 years ago.....I knew then. Tucker is a sell out, he knows who pays him his outrageous salary, just like Hannity. Nobody seems to recall Alwaleed bin talal is the #2 owner of Fox News..who once said, "A strong American government is not good for us". You'll see, more and more is being exposed. Truth to light. Choose wisely.

  4. All of Fox has sold out and it has been happening over time. There is no reason to watch them. Wallace and Juan were always bad, but they used their "fair and balanced" sham. It was clear when they hired Brazille to be on there it was over. MSM will never be a friend to the American people only to Globalists.

  5. There are a huge number of eyewitness qccounts of election fraud that no one including Tucker can deny. He sold out and it is as easy as that! "Coincidentally" Tuck signed a new contract with Fox News. Maybe it's not coincidental?