Monday, February 4, 2019

Payback is a Bitch!: Nick Sandman’s Lawyers Send Legal Letters to Multiple Celebs and Democrats Who Smeared Teen

I don't expect any of these cases to go to trial. 
We may never know the settlement amount for each defendant.  But, given how open and shut the evidence and how Sandman was smeared in the press, death threats and all that, it's going to be in the multi-millions.  Good for hum!  Make all these people and news organizations feel it in their wallets in a painful way.    

MegaVoter reports the lawyers for Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann have sent letters to a long list of publications and personalities that smeared the teen during the viral confrontation that captivated the nation.

  The Washington Post
  The New York Times
  Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN)
  The Guardian
  National Public Radio
  Atlantic Media Inc.
  Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.
  Diocese of Covington
  Diocese of Lexington
  Archdiocese of Louisville
  Diocese of Baltimore
  Ana Cabrera
  Sara Sidner
  Erin Burnett
  S.E. Cupp
  Elliot C. McLaughlin
  Amanda Watts

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