Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hypercritical NYT Admits Wiretaps Used Against Trump

The folks who work at the NY Times are really the bottom of the barrel when it comes to journalism. 
I guess it's tough to find true professionals nowadays? 

InFo Wars the New York Times already admitted wiretaps were used against the Trump campaign, despite now claiming there’s “no evidence” of the wiretapping accusations President Trump lodged against the former Obama administration on Saturday.

A New York Times article published on Inauguration Day specifically referenced “Wiretaps” in its headline, though it didn’t specifically mention that Trump himself, or Trump Tower was bugged.

An online version of the same January article substituted the words “Wiretapped Data” for “Intercepted Russian communications” in its headline: “Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates”.
Here’s an excerpt from that article:
Despite previously reporting on the “wiretaps,” the New York Times on Saturday asserted President Trump had “no evidence” for accusing his predecessor of wiretapping his incoming administration’s communications.

“The president’s decision on Saturday to lend the power of his office to accusations against his predecessor of politically motivated wiretapping — without offering any proof — was remarkable, even for a leader who has repeatedly shown himself willing to make assertions that are false or based on dubious sources,” the Times wrote in an article written by at least one of the same authors of the previous piece.

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