Monday, March 27, 2017

It's official, Chelsea Clinton is not too bright

I gave Chelsea Clinton the benefit of the doubt that she was a beautiful and intelligent woman. 
Well, at least she still has her good looks because when it comes to brains, that's another story.   

NewsBusters reports Chelsea Clinton is 37 years old — 19 years past the minimum voting age, 16 years over the legal age to drink, no longer entitled to reflexive press protection as the daughter of a Democratic President or presidential candidate, and thus eligible for ridicule when she deserves it — even if the establishment media's gatekeepers don't like it. I'd suggest that if you really have to ask, as Chelsea Clinton did, if a "Make America Great Again" hat seen on a rendering of Abe Lincoln on the cover of a Republican Party dinner program has been "photoshopped," you deserve every bit of the ridicule coming your way.

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  1. Where is the beauty in this woman? Is it because she's white. She looks like the South end of a North bound mule.