Sunday, March 19, 2017

Looking to Set Up NK Bribery U.S.: China Pushes Back on U.S. Talk of ‘All Options’ Over North Korea

China is telling the U.S. to resolve any conflict with North Korea through talks aka diplomacy. 
Translation: Find out how many millions North Korea want to stop shooting off missals and pay it.  I've seen this movie before but I'm not sure President Trump wants to play the sama game other presidents have done.   

Bloomberg reports Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pushed back against the tougher U.S. line on North Korea, reiterating his country’s view that the only way to rein in its reclusive neighbor is through talks.

Wang spoke at a briefing in Beijing with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who in Seoul on Friday refused to rule out a preemptive strike against Pyongyang if the threat from its weapons program was deemed severe enough. While that’s largely in line with prior U.S. positions, Tillerson’s comments -- and Twitter posts from President Donald Trump -- signal the level of concern over North Korea is rising. 

“The most important principle we have identified is that no matter what happens, we have to stay committed to diplomatic means as a way to seek a peaceful settlement,” Wang said on Saturday. “We hope all parties, including our friends from the United States, could size up the situation in a cool-headed and comprehensive fashion and arrive at a wise decision.”

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