Saturday, April 22, 2017

Final Cut to Abomination: Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner confirms sex reassignment surgery

Bruce Jenner says he has no regrets. 
But, I think this very confused man is gonna have a big regret in the future.  God will not be mocked!  And although he's getting all this positive attention and being treated like a hero by the world, he's causing great damage to others who share his confusion who are not getting the psychiatric help they need. 

NY Post reports Caitlyn Jenner told Diane Sawyer that she had undergone “the final surgery” in her sex reassignment procedures on Friday night’s “20/20” special.

The former Olympian previously known as Bruce confirmed in her book “The Secrets of My Life,” coming out on Tuesday, that the 2017 “surgery was a success.”

And Jenner said on the ABC interview, she had “no regrets, none whatsoever.”

Beyond that, Jenner didn’t want to talk about the details, telling Sawyer, “I’m not going to dwell on that subject. It’s not an appropriate question to ask a trans person.”

But nothing else was off-limits, as Sawyer caught up with Jenner nearly two years after the TV journalist had done their last emotional interview. Then, the ex-athlete stunned the world by revealing how he had lived a lie. Inside, ex-decathlon champ Jenner had always identified as a woman.

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