Sunday, April 16, 2017

Investigation: Federal Agencies Keep Americans in Dark About True Crime Statistics

Obama's decision to release over 1,700 convicts onto ther streets of America can have dire consequence on crime. 
I totally believe that especially in cities run by Democrats.  For instance, her in New York City, our Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio insists that crime is down.  But, that's not the  perception of average New Yorkers who've seen an increase of shootings, quality of life crimes have been decriminalized, and crime has increased dramatically in the NYC subway system.    

Breitbart reports the Department of Justice should keep the public informed about the results of former President Barack Obama’s decision to grant early releases to 1,715 convicts, says a former federal prosecutor.

“What [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions Justice Department needs to do now is track the hundreds of fellows who got these pardons and commutations,” said former federal prosecutor Bill Otis. “With overall recidivism rates for drug offenses already being 77 percent, I think we have a pretty good idea, but [the public] should get specifics: How many of these guys re-offend; what’s the nature of the new crime; were there related violent crimes in the mix as well; and how many victims (including but not limited to addicts and overdose victims) were there?”

But only the Department of Justice has the manpower and access to raw data needed to detail and analyze Obama’s last-minute, closed-door process which released a record 1,715 convicts back into Americans’ neighborhoods. At least one other group has tried to gauge the impact of President George W. Bush’s pardons—but that group had to hire three researchers to assemble only some of the data that the federal government has at its fingertips but does not share.

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