Wednesday, April 19, 2017

'The sword stands ready': VP Mike Pence warns North Korea of 'an overwhelming and effective response' to any attack

North Korea ain't gonna do jack!  When you show Bullies you're not scared, they back up! 

Daily Mail reports Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea not to test the resolve of the US military on Wednesday, promising it would give an 'overwhelming and effective' response to any use of conventional or nuclear weapons.

Pence, who was visiting the US Yokosuka naval base in Tokyo Bay, announced that President Donald Trump's administration would continue to 'work diligently' with allies like Japan, China and other global powers to apply economic and diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang.

He also said the President Donald Trump was going to overhaul and simplify the US tax code which 'will benefit every business represented here today'. 

In an address to the US Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Pence claimed the 'era of over-regulation was over.'   

But, he told the 2,500 sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan in a Japanese US naval base: 'As all of you know, readiness is the key. 

'The United States of America will always seek peace - but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.' 

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