Monday, May 29, 2017

Dishonest Washington Post exposed as Fake Newers: WaPo Made-Up Kushner’s Request for ‘Permanent Back Channel’ Communication with Russia

It didn't take long for the latest offering from the Dishonest Washington Post to crumble in less than 72 hours. 
How many times does WaPo have to be exposed as perpetual Fake Newsers before people realize they're a rag outfit?  
GatewayPundit reports at this point, it almost feels like the Washington Post is trolling everyone with the amount of fake news they put out.

 During the meeting wherein the Washington Post asserted that Jared Kushner proposed a secure line between the Trump administration and Russia, it was actually the Russians who proposed it, a source close to Kushner informed Fox News.

The source alleges that the permanent back channel “was never discussed”. What really happened was the proposal of a one-off call about Syria.

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