Monday, May 29, 2017

Gender Studies Papers That Inspired the ‘Penis Causes Climate Change’ Hoax

It makes no sense for me to comment on the irrational and outright crazy. 
But, this is mainstream Democrat Party thought.  This why these kind of people must not contro the levers of government ever again.  
FreeBeacon reports everything is sexist or a social construct.  That the scientific method and zoos are sexist, that menstrual periods are a social construct, and that Pilates teaches white privilege are just a few subjects of gender studies papers that inspired the biggest hoax since the Sokal affair.

It did not take James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian long to get their fake paper that claimed the penis is "conceptual" and causes climate change published. A reading of over a dozen gender studies papers provided to the Washington Free Beacon by Lindsay makes it easy to understand why.

"We, like many, have been seeing stories and examples of ridiculous papers coming out of the far-left activist wing of academia, fields like gender studies, women's studies, and so on, based upon what's sometimes called ‘critical race and gender theory' or ‘radical constructivism,'" Lindsay said.

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These people are just plain nuts!  

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