Monday, May 1, 2017

Hero truck driver Darrell Cloyd who comforted a dying woman while others took PHOTOS after her truck crashed and burst into flames

Thank God someone came along with the good sense to do the right thing for a dying woman in her last moments of life.  God Bless, Darrell Cloyd! 

Daily Mail reports a grieving family in Oklahoma has found the hero truck driver who helped their dying daughter during her final moments as others stood by and took pictures after her fiery car accident.

DorothyMarko, 25, crashed her truck into a tree on Highway 70 in Choctaw County late last month and the truck burst into flames while she was still inside, KXII reported.

Her family says the mother-of-two was able to crawl out of the back of the truck and that most of her clothes had burned off of her.

A truck driver passing by stopped to help Marko and stayed with her until emergency crews arrived.
Marko was flown to a nearby hospital, but sadly succumbed to her injuries. After her tragic death, her family sought out to find the hero truck driver.

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