Sunday, May 7, 2017

Matt Harvey, the Pathetic Knight, is fighting back against Mets for his own screw up

This is yet another sad tale of a once promising career that is ending up in the toilet because Matt Harvey is a spoiled brat who never grew up.
NY Post reports Matt Harvey’s headache is only growing, and now he’s battling back.

The suspended Mets starting pitcher will file a grievance against the Mets over the unpaid ban levied against him Sunday, according to a report from FanRag Sports. The Post’s Joel Sherman reported the players’ union hadn’t heard from Harvey’s camp about the grievance.

Harvey was not at Citi Field on Saturday, and the Mets issued him a three-game suspension for the no-show. According to the report, Harvey golfed Saturday morning, got a headache and told the Mets about his status. A Fox Sports report cited a communication issue with the team as to why the Mets were unaware about his whereabouts.

Harvey was set to start Sunday, but the Mets called up Adam Wilk to take the mound instead in a 7-0 loss to the Marlins.

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Matt Harvey's career with the Mets is over when he either files for free agency or is traded before then.  The fan base has had enough of his antics and since his two major surgeries, he isn't the same pitcher anymore.   He may never fulfill the promise because he has Swiss cheese for a brain and very questionable character.    

Harvey had an opportunity to reclaim the title of Ace of the Mets pitching staff with the injury to Noah Syndegaard.  But instead Harvey spits the bit with his latest boneheaded misadventure.  This guy will never be a 200 million dollar pitcher.  He can kiss that goodbye because he's just plain stupid!       

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