Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Body of African American woman Theresa Hines who died in a bathroom on American Airlines flight is 'dragged naked below the waist down plane's aisle to horror of 150 other passengers'

How could they not have the decency to at least cover her up? 
Totally unacceptable behavior! 

Daily Mail reports a woman who collapsed and died in the rear bathroom on an American Airlines flight was dragged naked from the waist down past other passengers by a medic, witnesses say.

TheresaHines, 48, of Carrollton, Texas, collapsed in the bathroom while flying from Dallas to Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport on Monday afternoon. 

Her body was removed from the plane after it landed, but passengers said the EMT left her lower half exposed as he dragged her, face up, down the aisle of the Boeing 737, the StarTribune reported.

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