Saturday, June 24, 2017

CBS, NBC Ignore Nebraska Democrat Cheering He’s ‘Glad’ Scalise ‘Got Shot’

It's not surprising.  The corrupt media covers only what it wants to cover.  It's so easy for them to pick and chose stories to match their agenda or distract attention away from their agenda.
  If a nuclear weapon went off in a major U.S. city during the Obama administration, the media would easily explain it away as a gas exposition.  Under Trump, is a nuclear weapon! That's the state of the MSM!                                      
InFo Wars reports in Friday’s edition of liberal media double standards, the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News saw no reason to cover new audio out of Nebraska in which a state Democratic Party official used an expletive to proclaim he’s “glad” Republican Congressman Steve Scalise (La.) “got shot” on June 14.

While CBS and NBC were caught up covering viral video of a dancing gorilla, ABC’s World News Tonight snuck in Montag’s ludicrous rhetoric in senior national correspondent Matt Gutman’s story about actor Johnny Depp’s jokes about presidential assassinations.
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