Sunday, June 11, 2017

Graham says Clintonista Loretta Lynch should testify after Comey claims

Let’s get Loretta lynch on the hot seat and ask her about her conversation about her conversation with Bill Clinton on her airplane while her Justice Department was investigating Hillary Clinton for numerous violations of federal law. 
Let's ask her why she decided to adopt the Clinton campaign talking points and call a criminal probe a matter instead of an investigation.     
Fox News reports Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday, in the wake of fired FBI Director James Comey calling into question her handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe.
“I want to hear from Loretta Lynch,” Graham said.

The call follows Comey’s claim during a Senate committee hearing that Lynch once directed him to describe the email probe as a "matter" and not an "investigation” -- an alleged intervention Comey said made him “queasy.” He also said that directive, combined with Lynch's unusual Arizona tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton, led him to make his independent announcement regarding the Clinton email probe last July.
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