Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Special Counsel, The Dubious Robert Mueller for Hiring Anti-Trump, Democrat Donors

Other GOPers need to join Kellyanne in calling out Mueller who is far from a fair broker.  He almost has more conflicts of interests than Hillary Clinton

GatewayPundit reports Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump and the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign, took to Twitter Tuesday night to call out Special Counsel Robert Mueller for hiring lawyers who gave heavily to Democrats and opposed Trump’s candidacy, writing, “FEC report: Mueller’s team includes big Democrat donors. Some maxed out, none wanted Trump to be POTUS.” Mueller was appointed to investigate alleged, so far unproven, ties between the Trump campaign and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Conway linked to a CNN report on the pro-Democrat leanings of those lawyers known to have been hired by Mueller, including two who gave the legal maximum to Trump’s Democrat rival Hillary Clinton last year one of whom represented Clinton and her foundation and another lawyer who represented a Clinton aide who helped manage her controversial home email server that was surreptitiously used

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