Friday, June 16, 2017

Vile Huff Post Writer Jesse Benn: GOP Shooting Didn’t Go Far Enough, Violent Resistance Needs Organizing

This is the crap that comes from the Left that fueled the shooter. 
This is mainstream Democrat thought!  They are vile people as well as being hypocrites. 

NewsBusters reports in the aftermath of the shooting targeting Republican congressmen in Alexandria, VA, the media has called for both sides to cool down their rhetoric. As if the vitriol and hate were equal on both sides. The truth is it isn’t. Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn is case and point. The publication has long been a place for the fringe-left to spew their venom.

Benn has defended violence against Trump supporters in the past and actually argued for violent “resistance.” So it should have come as no surprise when he tweeted the following:

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  1. First rule of history

    You want a war, you get a war, and very often more war than you can handle.

  2. Advocating the violent overthrowing of the government is against Federal law and is treason. Post it on Twitter more than satisfies the requirement for three witnesses.