Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dangers of Democrat Policies: Portland 'Sanctuary' Releases Felony Illegal Sergio Jose Martinez -- Who Then Rapes Elderly Woman

Blame the Democrat mindset for this! 
They are the worse leaders in terms of safety and quality and the reducing of quality life in every government they run.  Just as New Yorkers how Mayor Bill de Blasio has turned New York City into the largest public toilet in the country. 

KGTV reports a man accused of breaking into a 65-year-old woman's home, sexually assaulting her and stealing her car was arrested after allegedly assaulting another woman and running from police.

According to court documents filed in March 2017, Martinez has a history of illegal entry into the United States. He has been a transient in the Portland area for more than a year and has been deported 20 times.

Martinez has at least five probation violations for re-entering the United States. His most recent removal was in November 2016, according to the March court documents.

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