Saturday, July 22, 2017

Did Cespedes leave his heart in Oakland?: Cespedes regrets saying he wants to finish his career with A’s

Yoenis Cespedes has created a big pile of you know what to step in. 
Personally, I think there was a miscommunication given that English is not his first language.  I only care about his play, not what he says.
NY Daily News reports YoenisCespedes got what he wanted. The Cuban slugger was playing for his big contract last season and when the Mets rewarded him with a four-year, $110 million deal, he was bleeding orange and blue.

“I said it long before this happened that I wanted to be with this team, I wanted to come back to this team, and, God willing, I will finish out my career with this team,” Cespedes said back in December when they made the deal official.

Apparently love fades — and quickly.

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