Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wilpons Need to Sell The Mets Now

Mets owner Fred Wilpon

As a long suffering Mets fans, I've sent my share of angry letters to Fred Wilpon complaining about how he runs his team. 

My gripe has always been if Fred Wilpon doesn't have the financial wherewithal to run the New York Mets like a big market team, then it's time to sell the Mets for the billions of dollars that it is worth.

Mets fans deserve better! 

Why should we plunk down our hard earn dollars for tickets while the owner of the team prefers to shop at the bargain bin for players? 

We Mets fans are not asking Fred Wilpon to spend like the Ynakees dollar for dollar.  But, it is scandalous for the New York Mets to be at the middle of the payroll scale. 

This is New York, not Minnesota! 

This team should be at the upper regions of the payroll BECAUSE it’s the largest market in the country.  And if the Wilpons can't or even worse refuse to spend for players, then it's time for the Wilpons to hit the exits with a very big check in their wallets.  Stop making the fans suffer and leave the scene.  Please!   


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