Monday, March 19, 2018

Has Trey Gowdy been absorbed by The Swamp?

It's been awhile now that I've noticed some troubling comments cone out of Trey Gowdy's mouth.
  The first time my ears perked up.  Then came the second and the third time.  But, when he said he had confidence in Robert Mueller's ability to conduct an honest investigation of President Trump a few weeks ago, I lost it. 

Who got to him? 

It's been downhill ever since.  Yesterday, he spouted off at Trump's lawyer sounding more like Adam Schiff than the old Trey Gowdy.   
Washington Post reports Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) made waves Sunday by telling President Trump's lawyer that if his client is innocent, he should “act like it.” But focusing on that three-word phrase undersells the very important point Gowdy was making — and the importance of the messenger himself.
Gowdy, after all, is the guy who led the House's Benghazi investigation, which, like Robert S. Mueller III's investigation, was frequently accused of overreaching and even being superfluous. (In this case, the Democrats lodged the accusation that the investigation was a witch hunt; in Mueller's, it's Trump and his staunchest supporters.) Perhaps this is just Gowdy putting on his “former federal prosecutor” hat; maybe a man who grew frustrated with accusations of political bias in his own investigation sees the same thing happening again and wants it to stop. But the fact that the person who was viewed by some as leading a highly partisan investigation of Hillary Clinton is now perhaps the most vocal attempted voice of reason within the GOP about the Mueller probe shouldn't escape notice.
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