Friday, July 6, 2018

Wrongful termination? White man loses job after calling police on black family at pool

I think getting fired for an incident that had nothing to do with his job or away from his work site is a bit much.
  He may have grounds for wrongful termination.  
NY Post reports a white man who challenged a black family’s use of a private community’s pool has not only resigned from the homeowners association board — he’s lost his job.

Sonoco announced Friday that Adam Bloom is no longer employed by the packaging and industrial products company, saying it doesn’t condone discrimination of any kind, even if it happens outside its workplace.

video posted on the Facebook page of Jasmine Edwards on July 4, seen more than 4 million times, shows what happened after Bloom questioned whether she was allowed to be at the pool in Winston-Salem. He also called police.

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