Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Trump says he offered his 'great experts' to Pope Francis, Macron to rebuild Notre Dame

It's a very nice gesture from the president to offer such help to our French brethren.
  Notre Dame is a special place we need to make whole again.   

AOL News reports President Donald Trump said Wednesday he had spoken with Pope Francis and French President Emmanuel Macron to offer the help of “great experts on renovation” to help rebuild Paris’ iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

The president said in tweets that he offered “condolences from the People of the United States for the horrible and destructive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral” to the Roman Catholic leader.

“I offered the help of our great experts on renovation and construction as I did in my conversation yesterday” with Macron, Trump wrote.

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  1. Wollman Rink.
    "The City" was in charge......
    Then, Mr. Trump stepped in.
    I hear he's been involved with a few OTHER renovation projects as well!