Saturday, July 27, 2019

NYPD ‘Bucket List’ grows: 10 more suspects wanted for dousing cops

This situation needs to be corrected very forcefully to discourage this kind of lawlessness. 
Otherwise it will only continue.
NY Post reports ten more suspects are wanted for drenching cops with buckets of water in Harlem last weekend — one of at least four such attacks targeting police officers citywide.

One of the soaked cops in the Harlem incident was even pelted in the head with a plastic bucket while making an arrest at 115th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue.

Earlier in the week two men Isaiah Scott, 23, and Chad Bowden, 28, were arrested and charged in connection to that incident, but they drenched a nearby civilian woman with water, not the cops.

Scott and Bowden were released without bail at their Thursday arraignments.

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