Saturday, July 27, 2019

Two American teen tourists Lee Finnegan, Christian Hjorth confess to killing Italian policeman in Rome

I don't think these two will be seeing the United States for a very long time.
  When you seek trouble, trouble will find you.
Daily Mail reports two San Francisco teens on a ‘drug holiday’ in Rome have been arrested in the Italian capital on charges of murder and attempted extortion in connection with the fatal stabbing of a police officer on Friday morning.

Lee Elder Finnegan, 19, confessed to stabbing 35-year-old paramilitary policeman Mario Cerciello Rega to death during an apparent drug deal gone wrong, Italian authorities said Saturday. 
A second California native, Gabriel Christian Natale Hjorth, 18, was also involved in the scuffle that led to Rega's death, police say.

In a statement, Roman police revealed that both of the men had been interrogated by Carabinieri officials and, ‘in the face of overwhelming evidence’, they eventually confessed to the crimes.

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