Monday, October 14, 2019

Biden Inc: Hunter Biden Was a Paid Consultant to MBNA Starting at Age 21 — As Joe Biden Pushed Legislation to Promote Credit Card Industry

It seems Biden Inc goes back a long way. 
This is how politicians get rich while they're in office.  They put family members in industries that have dealings with government. 
Gateway Pundit reports Hunter Biden was paid an undisclosed amount of money as a consultant by MBNA as his father pushed legislation to help the credit card industry.

A son of Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was paid an undisclosed amount of money as a consultant by MBNA, the largest employer in Delaware, during the years the senator supported legislation that was promoted by the credit card industry and opposed by consumer groups.

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  1. It should also be noted that MBNA was the company the Obama administration chose for the Federal Government Credit Card and it is mandatory for Federal Employees to use it.

  2. Just Old Joe trying to help out his never do well son before Hunter dies something really stupid, like run for the Senate.

    1. I can picture that with a suck up media running blocker for him.

  3. Joe Biden should be the poster child for the Political Swamp.