Saturday, April 25, 2020

WHO says ‘No evidence’ antibodies protect recovered coronavirus patients

So where is the evidence the world needs to believe what WHO has to say?  

Did they look out for the rest of the world while they repeated China talking points? 

Didn't WHO cover for China to hide Covid-19 that started in a lab in Wuhan China?  

I think this organization needs to be defunded entirely because they have caused more harm to the world than good!
NY Post reports no evidence exists that people who have recovered from the coronavirus are protected from reinfection, even if they have antibodies, the World Health Organization said Saturday.

The warning from the U.N.’s health arm runs counter to what many survivors thought could be their ticket to freedom from COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Some governments have suggested that the detection of antibodies … could serve as the basis for an ‘immunity passport’ or ‘risk-free certificate,'” the WHO said.

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What WHO is trying to do here is to  continue the Covid-19 panic and keep world populations in lockdown forever!   Unfortunately, there will be people who believe everything WHO has to say like Bill Gates and Dr. Faaici and many others are in leadership positions.

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  1. if antibodies don't protect the body, then the W.H.O. has just joined the anti-vaccer community.