Friday, June 19, 2020

VIDEO- The Chopanstani of the nation of CHOP Construct Giant Black Power Fist Statue But Can’t Lift It Into Place

I have nothing to offer here other than these people are a bunch of idiots . 
The colleges who taught these morons should hang their heads in shame. 
GatewayPundit reports you’re going to just love your new country when it comes to your neighborhood–

The far left citizens of CHOP, formerly CHAZ, attempted last night to hoist a giant Black Power Fist statue inside their commune.
But the statue was too heavy for the far left activists and feminist allies so they abandoned their project.
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  1. I cant wait to read the OSHA report. These morons are going to crush a few people when this gets about halfway up, slips the rope, and pancakes down. And how do they intend to stabilize and secure the thing to a base to keep it from falling?
    Of course all the Engineering Majors from school are getting jobs while all the Liberal Arts Majors are trying to figure out how a rope works.

    1. For now, one can only hope. And PRAY!!!

  2. These people are not protesters. Their conquering territory by Force of arms. That's not protest that's law breaking.

  3. They need BRAWNDO. It's got electrolytes.