Thursday, October 1, 2020

Media game playing: Repeated questions on Trump disavowing white supremacy shows panic, black support for Trump through the roof

 There's a reason why the mainstream media is continuing to robotically ask President Trump if he disavowal white supremacy. 

Internal polls at CNN have revealed that black support for Trump is above 25%.  It's panic time and the MSM is freaking out that the Democrat Party is no longer a major force in the country!

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  1. my prediction for the upcoming election is weird- both positive and negative... the neg is that Trump won't win... how can there be any positives out of this?

    I gotta strange feeling that minority support will be much higher than predicted. 25+% of the black vote? Yes, I would be surprised but somehow not shocked. Anecdotally from a few latinos I know and my gen'l impressions is that the support for Trump among that segment of the population is very good. I'm actually expecting like 45+% of the vote there...

    the problem? I think there's going to be 1) voter fraud, and 2) a LOT of misplaced white guilt swinging the vote

    in the long run, if the voting happens along those lines and then i think that bodes well for the non-left, with bad short term-results for obvious reasons