Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thanks should go to Emmy award winning Gov. Andrew Cuomo for Manhattan teen bicycle gang attack on BMV driven by Queens man and his 70 yr old mother

This is the climate set by one-party Democrat rule led by Emmy award winning Gov. Andrew 'Asshole' Cuomo.  Crime in New York has tripled under Cuomo's insane progressive ideas namely no cash bail and defunding the police.  New York has become a cesspool under Cuomo and he needs to take the blame!   

 NY Post reports a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the wild Tuesday attack of a BMW driver whose posh car was vandalized by a bicycle gang in broad daylight in Manhattan, the Post has learned.

The teen from Queens — who is not being identified because he’s a minor — is being charged as a juvenile after allegedly attacking victim Max Torgovnick’s luxury ride on Fifth Avenue, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

The sources said approximately 25 bikers were involved, six of which damaged Torgovnick’s car. Police have also identified another teen and are searching for him, the sources added.

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  1. Would I be sorry if those bastards were shot and killed? Not in the least.

    1. Savages courtesy of Andrew Cuomo and his revolving door justice!